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For Ear Pressure Sores.

What is an ear pressure sore?

An ear pressure sore is more formally known as CNH, chondrodermatitis or Winkler’s Disease. If you have one, you will know about it. It is a painful lesion of the ear which refuses to heal, gradually increases in severity over time and causes immense pain and discomfort. It is especially problematic because it affects the ear and therefore your sleep.

If you have been diagnosed with it by your doctor you may have been prescribed steroid creams or been advised you may have to undergoe surgery.

Unfortunately; neither of these options are particularly attractive. Creams don’t address the root cause of the problem and surgery is painful and invasive. Both treatments have a recurrence rate of around 33%.

The good news is that both are unncessary. There is a better, more effective option.

CNH or Winkler's Disease

How is an ear pressure sore formed?

It is simple. Such pressure sores are formed by continued friction and pressure against the skin of your ear. If you’re a habitual side-sleeper and sleep on the same side night after night, and do so for many years, the skin of the ear ultimately begins to break down and deteriorate. Furthermore; as you age your skin becomes less resilient and less able to repair itself. This is why CNH is more prevalent in older populations.

Once a pressure sore has begun to form, the skin will continue to deteriorate without medical intervention until an open wound forms. As mentioned previously, creams are not terribly effective because they don’t address the root cause of the problem – the pressure against the ear. In fact all the good work of the cream is undone at night as the ear rubs against the pillow. Surgery poses a similar dilemma. Yes, it will remove the pressure sore, but how does the ear heal when it again rubs against the pillow each night? And what of the recurrence?

Remove the Pressure, Heal the Ear.

The solution to the problem is as simple as the cause. If you remove the source of friction and pressure from the ear, your skin will have a chance to heal. Symptoms improve immediately and CNH will completely resolve in a matter of weeks. Not only that but if you keep the pressure off the ear, the sore can’t recur.

The Original Pillow with a Hole™ is a specially made pressure sore pillow. Hand made in the UK, we created these pillows from our experience of ear pain and we take our role in helping you recover very seriously. We have helped thousands of people across the world and are recommended by doctors and hospitals across the UK.


Money Back Guarantee

So confident are we in our pillows that once tried, you can return it to us for a full refund. No questions asked.

Where are they made?

The Original Pillow with a Hole™ has and will always be made in the England. All pillows are made with care from high quality Rose & Hubble cotton sourced from UK mills. The manufacture of these pillows is a real cottage industry. Not only do independent seamstresses work with us in the traditional way; but the pillows are also put together and dispatched from an old button cottage!

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